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ABFS Consulting

The ABFS Consulting team is an Alberta based team of real estate professionals committed to helping homeowners negotiate and resolve financial problems which impact their property.

Specializing in foreclosure assistance and real estate based debt solutions, our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to serving our clients when they need us most. With well over 30+ years of experience, we have gained a wealth of information, resources, and contacts which allow us to provide truly effective and solutions to our clients with proven results. We have developed a number of strategies and programs that have helped hundreds of Albertans successfully avoid foreclosure, keep their homes, reduce their payments and achieve their financial goals.

Through our assistance programs, we are also able to provide unique opportunities to private real estate investors looking to purchase revenue property without any of the hassles of maintenance, administration or tenant searching.

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Our Programs

Alberta Foreclosure Stoppers

Our flagship program, Alberta Foreclosure Stoppers, has helped numerous families, individuals, and even experienced real estate investors stop impending foreclosure actions and get back on track.

Through this program, we are able to assist our clients in halting the foreclosure process and provide options to keep our clients in their homes. Our dedicated team includes many of the top foreclosure, real estate, and financing experts in the province, and our knowledgeable staff is educated first hand in all of the ins-and-outs of the foreclosure process.

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To learn more about this program, please visit our dedicated Alberta Foreclosure Stoppers website

Property Ownership

Being a landlord is a time-consuming job, and many busy professionals simply do not have the time, energy or resources to take on yet another set of labor intensive tasks. However, through our property ownership program, our team of professionals take care of all of the work for you. We source, develop, manage and oversee each one of our exclusive revenue property opportunities for our interim buyers. Through these exclusive revenue properties, you can simply invest in your financial future without the long term commitment or day-to-day hassles of becoming a full-time landlord. Simply sit back and relax knowing that your investment into a revenue property is in professional hands you can trust. Contact us today to see how we can help you take the work and worry out of sourcing, managing, and maintaining your own revenue property or property portfolio.

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